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The xbee and xbee pro are plugin replacements for each other. Quit the xctu program and disconnect the usbminib cable from the computer. In order to use this feature, the xbee initiating remote commands must be configured for api mode. Xbee s2c replacement of xbee series 2 tutorials of. It includes new tools that make it easy to setup, configure. Originally, this tutorial was written to configure an xbee series 1 to communicate in transparency mode. When the program asks for updating from digi, we must answer yes so as to download all the firmware versions for all the xbee modules. Using xctu to download firmware and profiles to xbee rf modules.

Map your digi xbee iot network with digi xctu urimedia. Change the firmware on the locally connected radio to xbee zb router. I should also note that i am communicating between the xbee s2c and xctu pc application using a seeeduino xbee shield v2. Configure the base with api enabled and a unique 16 bit or 64 bit source address. Instead of using xbee shield, i connected xbee and pi with dupont linespin. For a complete list of xctu compatible modules, see xctu requirements. This video demonstrates how to configure the new xbee s2c modules using xctu software. Configure the remote radio with a unique source address and set the. The tool provides a gui and terminal interface to configure the modules as well as a built in tool to test the xbee range and reliability of packet transmissions. We have 10 digi xbee manuals available for free pdf download. If xctu failed to find a module, check out our troubleshooting page. Changing or upgrading the xbee firmware is a delicate process that may harm permanently the xbee module. In api mode, the xbee module requires a checksummed series of bytes in a specific format to send data to another device.

It is a transceiver, it can transmits data wirelessly and it can also receives data wirelessly. Xctu includes all of the tools a developer needs to quickly get up and running with xbee. Libelium supplies the xbee transceivers with the desired firmware version 802. The outputs of all sensors are processed by an onboard atmega328 and output over a serial interface. Xctu is a free software tool available from digi international to interface with xbee modules. The xbee development kits contain rs232 and usb interface boards which use two 20pin receptacles to receive modules. Xbee basics lesson 1 general information and initial. Xctu is a standalone tool for configuring xbee modules. In order to configure the xbee, i first upload a blank. If you click the test button, the xctu software will use the com1 serial port to communicate with the xbee module. Creating a simple zigbee communication network using xbee. The xctu also allows the user to test the api function of a radio during a range test. The xbeexbeepro zb rf modules are designed to operate.

Xctu software is utilized for c onfiguring a nd testing the zigbee module of each sensor node. It includes new tools that make it easy to setup, configure and test xbee rf modules. If a router is needed, the xbee needs to have at router firmware downloaded to it. Download and install xctu software for proper kit configuration and operation x. Xctu is a stand alone tool for configuring xbee modules.

Through the software, the xbee configuration may be read, changed and written for. Fi modules using an access point or wireless router. Xctu is compatible with digis xbee and xtend rf modules and xlr pro. Type any character on the left small window at the router xctu window, shown here. So you will need to make some significant changes in the xbee setup and. You must however change the configuration of the xbee modules. In case the direct link does not work, search on the website of digi for the software in the search field with the keyword xctu. Xbee module configuration install xctu pyroelectro. Xctu seems to get confused because of the stream of data arriving from the other xbees and isnt able to talk to the module for some reason.

Originally, this tutorial was written to configure an xbee series 1 to communicate in. Xctu configuration tool 8 customizing xbee zb firmware 8 design considerations for digi dropin networking 8 xbee bootloader 8. In this lesson i cover general information about xbee and go through the initial setup steps. In xctu go to pc settings and make sure its set for 9600 8n1 with hardware flow control. Xbee network management tools in xctu let you map your. The 9dof razor imu incorporates three sensors an itg3200 mems tripleaxis gyro, adxl345 tripleaxis accelerometer, and hmc5883l tripleaxis magnetometer to give you nine degrees of inertial measurement. The tool provides a gui and terminal interface to configure the modules as well as a built in tool to test the. I try to make two raspberry pi communicate text with each other via xbee s2 module. My solution is to go into the terminal tab, click in the ascii. The xctu has such functionality, as you can see in the picture below. Xbee series 2 oem rf modules xbee series 2 oem rf modules zigbee networks rf module operation rf module configuration appendices product manual v1. Xbee series 2 point to point communication tutorials of. The software is written in java and is crossplatform, so it can be used on windows, osx and linux.

The difference between them is that the xbee pro operates at higher power and has a more sensitive receiver. For more information, check out the exploring xbees and xctu tutorial. Xbee modules used as endpoints need at endpoint firmware downloaded using xctu software and the xbee usb adapter. Hexadecimal xbee configuration settings like addresses and network ids are all. Xctu is a graphical windowsbased serial utility provided by digi to program and configure the firmware on its rf products, including the xbee zb and xbee. Introduction xbee is very easy and popular wireless device. You should then be presented with the entire configuration of your xbee. Click that new module, and wait a few seconds as xctu reads the configuration settings of.

However, this can apply to the xbee series 3 module as long as you configure the firmware to the legacy 802. The image below shows an xbee series 1 connected to the xctu. This is lesson 1 out of 5 where i will be teaching you the basics of xbee. Nature inspired control lab 2 electronic systems group. Configure the modules perform a range test explore advanced configurations manage your rf network. It makes communicating with xbees very easy, and provides a nice interface to modify all of the modules. Xbee configuration using xctu, the configuration of the xbee may be modified and the firmware upgraded.

During your tests between the module in at mode and the one in api mode, you. Click that new module, and wait a few seconds as xctu reads the configuration settings of your xbee. How to network xbee and the arduino tutorial australia. Configure the first two xbee modules in transparent mode. Starting with xctu configuring networks troubleshooting resources and going further introduction heads up. Xbee multi programmer user guide digi international. To perform a range test with the api function of the radio, follow the steps outlined below. Xctu displays a dialog to enter the password of the remote xbee device server to authenticate with. Using xctu to download firmware and profiles to xbee rf. Also make sure that the enable api box is not checked. We will be using series 1 xbee modules alongside some xbee explorer usb modules from sparkfun to set up our own personal area network pan. Xctu is free software from digi that allows you to configure the xbees. Added support for for modem update over usb to xbee 3 cellular lte cat 1 and xbee 3 cellular lte.

The xbee xbee pro rf module was designed to mount into a receptacle socket and therefore does not require any soldering when mounting it to a board. Xbee s2c is a rf module designed for wireless communication or data exchange and it works on zigbee mesh communication protocols that sit on top of ieee 802. Xctu next gen configuration platform for xbee rf solutions. Xctu can either be downloaded from digis web site or an installation cd. All the parts needed to have two devices talk to each. For example, you can quickly and easily configure digi xbee devices using xctu. The two most common issues arising while using the xctu utility with xbee rf modules on rabbit based products are associated with the pc settings and the sleep mode configuration. The xctu software is free to download and provides a simple interface to configure and update your xbee transceivers. Using xctu xctu is digis xbee configuration software. I copied the update folder files from the machine that i did get the web update to work on. Once xctu read the xbee it will set the modem type and function set boxes and show a list of. Xctu is a free multiplatform application designed to enable developers to interact with digi rf modules through a simpletouse graphical interface. After configuration, the entire network is simulated in real time using dockli ght v2.

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